Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets and Seals

Firetube Gaskets
Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Pecos, TX & Williston, ND

We are the number one resource for firetube gaskets and other custom-made gaskets!

It’s hard to grasp the options you have with us when it comes to gaskets—they’re almost limitless. They vary by size, material, brand, and more. Whether you need a spiral-wound flange gasket, guide ring material, or just a standard flange gasket, Gasket Service has you covered.

Midland and Odessa, TX's go-to shop for compressor valve gaskets

Finding the right compressor valve gasket for your equipment can be a difficult job, especially if you have an older model. Our experts can help you utilize the ideal application process and materials for your project. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, we can create custom gaskets that are designed with precision and care.

Our gasket sets for compressor engines include overhaul gasket kits, head change gasket kits, and individual gaskets for head, exhaust, and crank case doors. These are available for Waukesha, Cooper, Ingersoll Rand, and White Superior engines.
Firetube Gaskets Odessa, TX
Compressor Valve Gaskets Midland, TX
Custom Gaskets Odessa, TX
Firetube Gaskets Odessa, TX

Firetube Gaskets you can trust

Our firetube gaskets are made to withstand higher temperatures and a variety of fluids. Don't put your safety at risk with sub par materials. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect firetube gaskets for your equipment, whether it's from our vast inventory or a custom fabrication.

Sealants, Adhesives, & Coatings

Make sure you’re getting the most from your equipment by ensuring everything is sealed tightly and correctly. Gasket Service has an inventory of seals designed to prevent leaks and air pockets.

We have adhesives (High Tack and Spray-A-Gasket), cleaners, coatings (Color Guard and Belt Dressing), lubricants (grease, penetrating oil, anti-seize and nickel), thread lockers, thread sealants, and special products, such as Form-A-Thread, Prussian Blue, and a valve-grinding compound.

Gasket Service, Inc. also carries Teflon, insulating, filament, and thermo-sil tapes.

Your gaskets are only as good as the sealants that keep everything where it should be. Contact us to make sure you are working with the best.
Firetube Gaskets Midland, TX
Compressor Valve Gaskets Odessa, TX
Custom Gaskets Midland, TX
Custom Gaskets Odessa, TX
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